To support our client's needs we can provide services such as:
Supplier Sourcing
First step in the sourcing process is to fully understand the customer's requirements. If the product required is within our current supplier's capabilities we will offer price within reasonable time as the supplier assessment has been performed already. In case it's required to develop a new supplier for this item, we will share with the customer a quotation list and discuss about the price range found and after this discussion we will perform factory visits to assess production capacity and report back to the customer for final decision.
Product development
For some specific items, the chosen supplier must be able to make the products as per customer's specification, requiring them to open moulds or adjust production process to meet such requirements. We will work with the customer to provide assistance in this process, from the initial steps up to final certification of the process if required.
Customer Research
The exporters willing to introduce their products in the China market face the challenge of finding the suitable customer that can help them achieve their sales objectives. In general and especially applicable to the Chinese market, the buyers rather buy raw materials only (green coffee, blocks of granite, iron ore, etc.) than finished products. Also, there are still few nationwide retail chains in China which make the selection of the correct partner harder. We can assist your company in this process as well as in the negotiation of the terms later in order to reduce credit risk.
Production and Shipment control
After placing orders to the suppliers, our team will carry on inspections during production to make sure the goods are being produced as required, sending samples for testing at laboratories and to the customer if required. Another inspection is made randomly prior to loading to check final production. We can work both with shipping agents appointed by the customer and with agents that we have work